Are You Being Lied To?


Michigan Child Mortality Rate 2010

There is a reason that I put up this chart…. you would think because of the mainstream media propaganda (yes, I called it that) that the number one threat to children or cause of death is a firearm. Not so. At least not in Michigan, my home state.

You can go to this site and check out your particular state in the link. Click on “State Spotlights”.

Civil Rights Violation….?


Michigan Suburb Tickets People For Swearing, Fine Is $200

I didn’t know you could restrict a persons right to swear no matter how offensive.

In one of the comments after the article a person stated that it was actually a violation of skateboarding where it was prohibited when the swearing occurred. And it was claimed by the commenter that the story itself was inaccurate.

Too bad Brighton doesn’t have a park for the teenagers. Not to encourage swearing, but to skateboard.

From the article:

Colin Andersen told the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus of Howell that he was simply venting when he swore after a friend was ticketing for skateboarding in Brighton, a community about 35 miles northwest of Detroit.