NASA has a “Climate Budget”?


NASA Pushes Back Against Proposal to Slash Climate Budget – May 1, 2015

From the article:

NASA pushed back against a congressional proposal to slash more than $300 million in funding from its branch focused on climate issues.

The proposal would cut funding to NASA’s Earth Sciences division, which researches the planet’s natural systems and processes — including climate change, severe weather and glaciers.

Seems to me like NASA was just lining it’s pocket’s. Auite frankly if you want to take pictures of glacier’s I’m sure a weather balloon with a camera would suffice, lol.

Seriously Now…


Money for NASA Priorities at Risk in Next Congress – November 26, 2014

From the article:

When the next Congress convenes in January, the Obama administration can expect more questions — and criticisms — targeting some of the agency’s top priorities, including:

• A controversial mission to corral an asteroid into orbit around the moon and use it as a steppingstone for a mission to Mars. The mission also would give NASA scientists insight on how to deflect asteroids headed to Earth.

I was looking for information to see if Congress had approved the $300 million that NASA says it needs to fund research on climate change, severe weather, and glacier’s. Glacier’s? Anyway, I came across this story.

Seriously now? NASA’s priority is nudging a asteroid in place to orbit around the moon, lol. Even if I was considering such a nutball idea…would I put it out in the public arena as a serious idea? Of course not.

I don’t know about you but…I’ve had the notion for a long time that “crazies” are running things in this world. Personally,… I take this as proof.

The Bluff and Spin of Global Warming


The Most Dishonest Year on Record

From the article:

Last week, according to our crackerjack mainstream media, NASA announced that 2014 was the hottest year, like, ever.

No, really. The New York Times began its report with: “Last year was the hottest in earth’s recorded history.”

The utter ridiculousness of the scientific community blows my  mind. 2/100’s of a degree. (I’m not even bringing up the degree of error). Really? OMGosh, we’re all gonna die. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. But I bet you knew that, lol.

Ay, Chihuahua


NASA: Asteroid Will Pass ‘Very Close’ To Earth On Sunday

From the article:

NASA announced that a small asteroid will safely pass “very close” to Earth on Sept. 7.

The asteroid, designated 2014 RC, will be roughly over New Zealand at the time of closest approach, which will be about 2:18 pm EDT based on current calculations. Astronomers estimate that the asteroid is about 60 feet in size.

Huh? NASA?


Here’s How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

I’ve always gotten a bad feeling when people push too hard.  For instance….to either be my friend, or selling me something. It’s like that inner voice is saying, “Watch out!”

I have this feeling that people are being “conditioned” to accept the idea of wealth redistribution.  (Wealth redistribution by any other name would still stink…Marxism?)

And, “certain” organizations and “certain” people seem to be “on board” with it.  I won’t mention any names, of course.  I don’t think I have to.  Do I?

For Christians, in particular, this idea should be especially abominable.  And why? Because the Bible says that “a laborer is worthy of his wages.” True generosity comes from the heart, and not by force.

Wealth redistribution….eventually makes everyone poor.   Especially when you run out of “other people’s money”.