Sleep Deprived?


Americans are Trading Sleep for Work, and It’s Literally Killing Us

From the article:

Did you try to catch up on sleep this weekend? You’re not alone. More than one third of American adults report getting less than 7 hours of sleep on weekdays, and many of them try to sleep extra-long on weekends to make up for it.



I moved into a less stressful job at the office and went from a pretty steady diet of 5.5-6.0 hours a night back to 6.5-7.5 hrs a night, and I feel so, so much better. I look several years younger. I’ll never get to 8+ hours a night. I work in Foggy Bottom and have a two hour commute and also reserve time for exercise.

But, the reduction in stress and an extra 60-120 minutes of sleep on a daily basis has made a huge improvement in my life.


Health seems less important to our society than “productivity” and money. The machines were supposed to free us up. Instead, people go back to work when they get home. And commuting times are very unhealthy in many cities. There used to be an old saying: “9-5”. And that was generally just Monday-to-Friday. Nobody under about 60 would remember what life was once like for the majority of American workers.


Many of the long hours at work are the result of companies coming up with ludicrous programs that have nothing to do with the job. For example, an employee now spends time each day adding to their “notes” what they are doing to achieve their goals. Supposed “company bonding games/activities” actually cause more stress than they were suppose to eliminate. If people could just go back to doing their job – 9 to 5 and then go home, the sleep deprived would most likely become a vanished entity. I fortunately retired before the huge overload of non-productive additives to the work day – but I watch my daughter, a single parent drown in them. She needs the job – so there you go.