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Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? – Doug Batchelor, Steve Gregg Sabbath Discussion

I watched this discussion the other day. It’s interesting to watch. I hope many will be blessed and choose to keep the Sabbath.



How Jesus Viewed The Sabbath

– Walter Veith

You may have seen this video before? It was part of a series called, ‘In the Stream of Time’. I personally think it is worth watching again. (I did.)

If you haven’t guessed by now…Walter Veith is my favorite person to listen to. In this sermon he brings out the loveliness of Christ’s character. And how can I not love Jesus even more when someone expounds on that lovely character?

From Amazing Facts


Why the Old Covenant Failed

From the book:

Some time ago I stepped off the platform at the close of an evangelistic message and hurried toward the front door to greet the people. Suddenly my path was blocked by three young men, one of whom addressed me in quite a loud voice. He said, “Brother Joe, we were disappointed with the way you put us back under the Old Covenant tonight by preaching the seventh-day Sabbath. Don’t you realize that we are living under the New Covenant now and should be keeping Sunday instead of the Sabbath?”