Don’t Be That Guy


Man Takes Responsibility for Drone Crashing at White House

From the article:

A two-foot-long drone apparently flown by a hobbyist crashed on the White House grounds Monday in an extraordinary, if unintended, breach that raised fresh questions about the president’s security — and a growing threat from the sky.

A man later came forward to say he was responsible for the mishap in the middle of the night and hadn’t meant to fly the drone over the complex, officials said. “Initial indications are that this incident occurred as a result of recreational use of the device,” said Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary.

This story reminded me of being at the movies (rarely) and the psa’s saying don’t be rude by being on your cell phone and talking….   “Don’t Be That Guy”.


Kirk Hochburger

While police around the country are arming themselves with drones (using federally funded grant money) to be used on the American public, a toy drone goes down at the White House. The Secret Service, CIA, FBI go buzzing around like a kicked fire ant hill. LOL… NOW THEY KNOW HOW IT FEELS.

Mike Favetti

Good work Secret Service, now every nut who will want to hurt the President will know of another way of doing it. Why can’t we keep some things secret? The public doesn’t need to know every possibility available to do harm!

IMO: Obama is one of the most protected people on the planet.

Neil Walsh

No big deal, Obama is fond of drones.

Joe Casepack 

I’m convinced the government does stuff like this on purpose because they want to ban drones.

Mark my words, this event will be used to show why laws are needed to ban drones for private use (the government will continue to be free to do whatever they want, of course).

Steve Harbour

When they said Drone on the White House Lawn, I thought they meant a drunk staffer passed out. As it turned out it was a case of “Hey Mister, Can I have my Kite Back?.

Oh, NO…He Didn’t…


Obama White House Paid Women Staffers Less than Men in 2012

 Women were/are? paid less than men in his own administration. Did he think we had forgotten?

From the article:

While President Barack Obama handily won the women’s vote by 11 percentage points in November over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, his administration paid the women on his payroll less than his male employees last year.


Male-female pay gap remains entrenched at White House

From the article:

The White House has not narrowed the gap between the average pay of male and female employees since President Obama’s first year in office, according to a Washington Post analysis of new salary data.
The average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400, according to White House data released Tuesday. That is a gap of 13 percent.

N-O-W…. Obama Wants to “Do Something”


White House Presses States to Reconsider Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders

From the article:

The Obama administration has expressed deep concerns to the governors of New York and New Jersey and is consulting with them to modify their orders to quarantine medical volunteers returning from West Africa as President Obama seeks to quickly develop a new, nationwide policy for the workers, according to two senior administration officials.

Now that Obama has done what amounts to nothing, he want’s to pull rank on those who do.

Your plan…..Mr. President, is that from the beginning…you had NO plan. Nothing, nada, zip. You refused to act in the public’s best interest. You could have done something  to calm those who fear getting the disease. And a mandatory quarantine was your best bet. But you couldn’t, or wouldn’t do that. Now someone else has the ball and is running with it. Badly, I might add…but at least they are doing something.

Those who can….DO!  (And those who didn’t….sit on the sidelines.)

Certainly, the hospital in New York has also dropped the ball in the meager planning they have done to house nurse, Kaci Hickox. for the duration of her quarantine.

According to this article she is seeking her “early” release from quarantine based on the fact that “at this moment” she is symptom free. But what about tomorrow and the day after that….?   From what I’ve read there is a 2 -21 day incubation period.

Where is the guarantee…that now that she’s tested negative, she will remain that way? There have been those who have had no symptoms…..until they do, of course. And in that case, would I want to be on a plane or, on a bus with her? Nope. We all understand, it’s nothing personal.

I guess the question is…..should the public’s right for safety be trampled for one person? Of Ms. Hickoxs’ own free will, SHE decided to go to Africa and put herself in harm’s way.  I truly don’t want to downplay her sacrifice. It is unfortunate that she is caught in the middle.

In my opinion, quarantine is not punishment but a necessary precaution. Kaci’s accommodations should be better, no doubt about it. So, get moving New York! I know you can do better than what you’ve done so far.

I think it would be smart for each state to outfit a facility (or, several) “NOW” to deal with this problem.  Can we afford to wait?  Time doesn’t seem to be on our side, does it?

~Half-Wit Amateurs~


White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan

The CIA’s top officer in Kabul was exposed Saturday by the White House when his name was inadvertently included on a list provided to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in President Obama’s surprise visit with U.S. troops.

From one commenter:

Prof Robinson 5/25/2014 10:17 PM EST

 So… Bush never actually outed a CIA agent – Richard Armitage did – but that didn’t stop the Left from engaging in a two year witchhunt. But Obama can out CIA agents with impunity, I guess, no investigation required?

But, Of Course!


Veterans Affairs official resigns as White House says there’s ‘just a suggestion’ of scandal

Veterans Affairs official resigns as White House says there’s ‘just a suggestion’ of scandal President Obama’s spokesman maintained to reporters that there was “just a suggestion” of a scandal at the Veterans Affairs Department — and then, minutes later, a VA official who testified before Congress on Thursday about employees cooking the books resigned.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?


No, the people pictured aren’t Americans. Oooops.

White House asks American parents to monitor their children for signs of terrorism

(Yikes, I had drafted my comments a while back and didn’t post. Oops. Anyway, still important to know.

I was thinking maybe we should stop calling  the White House…the “White House” and just call it what it really is,…..”Spies R Us” Central.)

So, it’s not enough that the government spies on it’s citizens in every way, shape, and form but n-o-w……the government wants you to spy on your OWN children. Yeah, that’s right…..the White House wants your help. And wait….the White House also wants your school teachers, and community leader’s to help spy on your children too. Let’s see…..have they left anybody out? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Has the White House turned into the Cuckoo’s Nest? I mean REALLY now.What are they smokin’ in the House?  Figuratively speaking, of course. Cough, cough. (Oh. Sorry, I’m typing out loud.)     0

I refuse to comply. So, nope,……no can do. I won’t be spying on my neighbors either. Or, anyone else for that matter. I have a life…may I suggest?,…..they get one too.