Really? Calling an illegal, a criminal is insulting?


Sotomayor: Labeling Illegal Immigrants Criminals Is Insulting

 Personally, I think it’s pretty insulting that a person who sits as a judge in the highest court in the land can’t distinguish between right and wrong.  Now…that’s insulting!  Every single person who jumped through the hoops to attain their citizenship should be insulted.  I’m insulted that criminals demand rights.  I’m insulted that criminals who climb under fences get a free education, food stamps, vote illegally, have anchor babies and on and on…I’m insulted that anyone would think, Sonia Sotomayor deserves to be a Supreme Court Judge. It is truly unfortunate.  And you said it best when according to this article, these words came out of your mouth “I figure I may not be the smartest judge on the court but I’m going to be a competent justice,” she said. “Going to be”? It should be a “GIVEN”. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, why should I be?