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Zombie Patriot Act Will Keep U.S. Spying—Even if the Original Dies

From the article:

Forget the White House’s doomsday talk about American intelligence going blind. Thanks to backdoor provisions and alternate collection schemes, U.S. spies will keep on snooping.
President Obama and his top national security officials have spent the past few days warning that if intelligence-gathering authorities in the Patriot Act expire just after midnight Sunday—which is now a foregone conclusion—the United States will face a greater risk of a terrorist attack.

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“DayZ” Makes You Feel Every Murder You Commit. Can You Handle This?

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DayZ, a zombie apocalypse multiplayer PC game, sold its 1-millionth download last week, less than a month after its Dec. 16 release.

But even at this stage, the reason for DayZ’s enormous success is becoming clear–the game play leads to a degree of psychological tension and emotional response that players report never before experiencing in a computer game.

This comes largely from DayZ‘s use of permadeath–meaning that players have only one life in the game and lose everything if they are killed–as well as a scarcity of survival resources, and a kill-or-be-killed relationship with other players, who often need your supplies to stay alive themselves. There are also zombies.