The Ability to Lobby Law


Image of the Beast: Donald Trump and the 501c3 Government-Registered Churches

Even though I am putting up this particular video…I disagree a bit with the person who did this video. Do I think it matter’s who is going to be the next president? Yes, I do. After all, it is God who sets up kings (presidents) and who takes down kings.

Though a president may seem to be just a figurehead, a person in the office does do some major things. The president obviously appoints his cabinet. He appoints the Supreme courts judges when a seat is vacant. It still goes through a process, of course. He has the ability to veto. And as we found out through Obama whether legal or, not…there is power in executive orders. I believe that a president also sets the tone for the nation.

I do wonder if Donald Trump does get into office, will Ben Carson continue to advise him? Whether in an official position or not. I’ve wondered if  the fact that Ben Carson ran for president and dropped out has put him in a certain position that he probably would have been in, had he not run initially?

As far as the 501c3 goes…it may indeed be the vehicle though which the Sunday Laws come about.  Will 7th Day Adventist lobby for Sunday Laws? That doesn’t seem possible…but certainly the main stream churches could.

There is not a doubt in my mind that we are living in the last days of earth’s history.

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Posted August 6, 2016 by Sue Says in category Friend of Yeshua

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