The Controversy and Popularity of Pope Francis


Pope, on Anniversary, says Believes He Will Have Short Pontificate

From the article:

Pope Francis said in an interview published on Friday he believes his pontificate will be short and that he would be ready to resign like his predecessor rather than ruling for life.


“I feel that the Lord has placed me here for a short time,” the Argentine-born pontiff said.

Francis, apparently in good health at 78, said “I share the idea of what Benedict did.” In 2013, former Pope Benedict became the first head of the Roman Catholic Church in 600 years to resign instead of ruling until he died.

Though this article has little bits of interesting information….what I found more interesting was in the comments. As usual.



The Pope reminds of of someone….

Pope, on anniversary, says believes he will have short pontificate

“In Buenos Aires, I was a ROVER,” he said.

Amos 8:12

They will stagger from sea to sea And from the north to the east. They will rove about searching for the word of Jehovah, but they will not find it.

Job 1:7

Then Jehovah said to Satan: “Where have you come from?” Satan answered Jehovah: “From roving about on the earth and from walking about in it.”


The Vatican is the seat of Satan on earth. The Jesuits created every war we have ever fought. Hitler and Mussolini were good Catholics. Very good Catholics, do you understand? (Catholics at the bottom level are not aware of who is at the top. This is the sneaky part.) This is just a start. Everyone get educated. They kill children and use their blood to write documents. Look it up.

Wild Card

Don’t some Catholics believe that this is the last Pope as prophesied or something? like after this guy steps down…or dies, the end of the world comes?


Read the book, Vatican Assassins.


The inner core of the Jesuits and Opus Dei is Luciferian they use the rituals of the 33 degree Masons interestingly so does the inner core of the Mormons.


I am not religious one tiny bit,I read alot about this pope,this has to be one of the nicest and great men of our times…Awesome man.


Seems like a pretty down to earth guy.


This is the one time I hope he’s wrong….He’s got to be around long….he’s really really needed!!…Grande Francisco!!


Read the history of the papacy with an open mind and see what you think afterwards. I suggest starting with the work of Joseph McCabe.

I looked up “Joseph McCabe”.  Hmm, seems like I had posted some things or read about him before?

Mr. McCabe had formerly been a priest in the Catholic Church which he later left and became an atheist.

He did write some very interesting things about the Catholic Church.


Joseph McCabe

From Wikipedia, I came across a website called, “The Secular Web”. On that site I found some interesting things that Mr. McCabe wrote about the Catholic Church.


On the site I went to Subject Index, then Historical Documents – Author Index and found the writings of Mr. McCabe. Btw, you do have to agree to the disclaimer to access the site.

The main webpage:

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