The Impact of Loneliness


Study: Being Alone As Bad As Smoking, Excessive Drinking

From the article:

More Americans are choosing to live alone than ever before. And while it’s healthy to have “down time” by yourself, one study says too much alone time may shorten your life.

 The Comments are more interesting than the study…


This is the most asinine story I’ve ever read.
Loneliness will kill you?!? Brought to you by Brigham Young University, home of “why have one wife when you can have eleven?”, and “Be fruitful and multiply! It’s your duty to sire at least 20 children!”
With all the crazy nuts out there and the Millennials, also known as the “gimme-gimme, Entitlement Generation, I’ll stay single and by myself, thank you.

In a companion study, 90% of people who “partnered up” years ago, wish they were either living alone or dead right now.

The only people who are lonely are those that don’t have voices to comfort them.

Get a dog……..cheaper than a partner and eventual divorce

Clearly the government must step in to promote the general welfare with cohabitation mandates. If you cannot find a partner, one will be assigned to you.

Tom Banjo Eclectic Art
I was lonely and depressed for 10+ years. Best advice I can give is to go out and GIVE OF YOURSELF. Also it helps to lay off drugs and alcohol, and take up a musical instrument for a creative outlet, maybe get a dog. Good luck.

But I like living alone. Therefore, not ‘lonely’, therefore no ill health. Some of us are natural and happy hermits, recluses, etc…

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