The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same


Death Squads Kill Brazil’s Crime-Prone Street Kids (1990)

 From the article:

Cleiton, 12, used to steal from the stores in a shopping gallery near the center of Duque de Caxias, one of the grimy, violent suburbs on the sprawling northern outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. He belonged to the ragged legion of street kids who live by their wits and sometimes die by the gun.

Cleiton’s killers caught up with him one night last January as he slept on a sidewalk near the gallery. A boy called A.G., who knew Cleiton, tells the story in a few words.

“He was sleeping,” A.G. said, “and they filled his face with bullets.”

Cleiton’s death was not an isolated incident. Hundreds of deprived and delinquent Brazilian minors are killed every year.

Brazil police accused of ‘cleansing’ favelas before World Cup football carnival rolls into town (2013)

 From the article:

It is the stuff of dreams: one of the world’s most beautiful beaches complete with swaying palm trees, crystal blue waters and an endless procession of bikini-clad girls sashaying across the sand.

This is the sight that will greet Wayne Rooney and his England colleagues as they step out on their balconies at the Royal Tulip Hotel after arriving in Brazil to prepare for the World Cup.

But should they turn just a little to the left, they will face an altogether more disturbing vision: the stinking filth and squalor of the biggest shanty town in South America spilling down the hillside less than half a mile away.

Death to Undesirables: Brazil’s Murder Capital (2015)

 From the article:

With year-round sun and some of Brazil’s best beaches, Recife draws a million foreign tourists a year, many of them on new direct flights from Britain and the rest of Europe. It seems odd then to find an electronic sign in the middle of the city which records the daily murder toll. But behind the narrow stretch of beach restaurants and high-rise apartments shown in the tourist brochures lies a violent city. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in Recife in the past year – up to 12 murders a day – making it Brazil’s murder capital. Incredibly many of those who are doing the killing are the police.

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