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Mormon Founder Joseph Smith had as Many as 40 Wives

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The founder of Mormonism, which for decades allowed polygamy, had as many as 40 wives including one who was only 14, the US-based church has acknowledged.

Mormons Address Mystery Surrounding Undergarments

Actually the video in the link is coming up as “private” at the moment. There are an amazing amount of comments to this article 4335+.  I’m not kidding.  I can’t even access them right now.



LOL, Jesus Jammies. I was a Mormon for more than 20 years. I wore the mysterious temple garments, as they are called for that entire time. Unless they have completely changed their doctrine and practice, we most assuredly were told that the temple garments would protect us physically. The stories of lives being saved because of them were countless. I received the monthly LDS magazine in which there are stories printed of events that lives were saved and blessings received as a result of wearing the temple garments. They symbols in them are rarely discussed but are symbols that simply reminded us that every knee shall bow and every heart shall be turned to Christ in the Latter Day. I never understood the secrecy because it was all so well intended and fairly simplistic. I should state clearly again that I am not currently a member and will never be again of my own choice.

Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith

Q.  I was wondering what denomination the person who compiled this info belonged to.  Would you please let me know.

A.  Thank-you for your email regarding the website, “Remembering the Wives…”.  I hope you found the website to be informative and useful.  In answer to your question, I am a lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



The fact that Mormons are just getting around to admitting this tells you everything you need to know about their organization.
Historians have known this story all along.

Now the Mormons are going to spin Smith’s immoral carnal behavior – so they say “he probably didn’t have sex” with all his wives. Of course he did – he stole the wife of one of his followers because he wanted to and he could do it.

The founder of the Mormon Faith (Smith) and also Brigham Young were both false prophets and perverts.


Smith was a charismatic con man, but for Yahoo to “scoop” that he had 40 wives is ridiculous. This has been known since he ended up in Illinois, where he was killed after losing his mind to syphilis. Although the Mormons apparently don’t teach this in their family Northern American Book of Mormon Bible courses, I discovered a lot of “interesting” concepts of the Mormon religion when I spent most of year researching it while raising my family in East Mesa, AZ, where 97% of my children’s classmates, and my neighbors, were Mormons. Great family values and networking, those Mormons, but, how they could believe how they came to be is mind-boggling. Lots of wacked and disconnected concepts and beliefs out there. Brainwashed….? Somehow. But the dedicated vary from just plain, nice, dedicated family folk, to the Jeffs-types who fell way off the grid, to the “jack-Mormons,” who were Mormon because that’s how they were raised but realized the religion’s history was a cluster-fest. You can’t judge these people until you really find out how deep their dedication goes: to secrecy, to material gain, to fraud, to just plain indescribable customs, to beliefs that define common sense, but, to like I said, some great family values, business networking, and actually owning more real estate in north america than the catholic church. Shady, wacky, but successful. A cult that doesn’t demand your death in a simple command. Many facets, many aspects…fascinating, but deep-down, truly flawed and fuwked up. Ask Jodi Arias…

Jodi Arias Biography


Godless Heathen

“In March, 1826, a court in Bainbridge, New York, convicted a twenty-one-year-old man of being a “disorderly person and an impostor.” That ought to have been all we ever heard of Joseph Smith, who at trial admitted to defrauding citizens by organizing mad gold-digging expeditions and also to claiming to possess dark or “necromantic” powers.

Smith’s legacy was cleaned up via subsequent “divine revelations” that rejected first polygamy and then racism at convenient historical turning points. So the historical development from fakery to respectable religion is well documented.”

I’ve only know one Mormon and it was only casually. She seemed very nice. These articles are not meant to put down Mormons.

Basically it’s just been in the news lately and I admit I was curious about their belief system.


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