The Most Powerful Sky-Mapping Machine


Astronomers Seek Widest View Ever of the Universe with New Telescope

From the article:

LSST stands for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, a name even astronomers agree is clunky for what has been described as the world’s most powerful sky-mapping machine. While most telescopes can take only snapshots of a narrow sliver of space, LSST will scan the heavens continuously in wide swaths.

The telescope will produce an image of the entire southern sky every three days – a feat that would take the Hubble Space Telescope 120 years to accomplish once.

The result will be the equivalent of time-lapse cinematography, allowing astronomers to track the motion of billions of objects and watch as galaxies collide and stars are born and die.

“It will be the greatest color movie of all time,” Ivezic said.

This is pretty cool stuff. Although according to the article this will take years to build. It is a massive telescope.

If you are into this type of thing there are a lot of interesting articles on this site.

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