The Progression of Sunday Laws


“Sunday Alliance” ACTION DAY Planned for 3rd March in German Communities (February 2011)

Is this prophetic or what?  It’s called “Free Sunday”. Hmm….what’s so free about being forced to comply?

From the article:

“Free Sunday celebrates it’s birthday. 1690 years ago, on 3 March 321 (A.D.) the Roman Emperor Constantine declared Sunday a day off. This marks the beginning of the “state” Sunday protection. 1690 years later, the free Sunday is threatened by Sunday work and Sunday commerce.”

Google translator for the article (below):

The article is in German. You can go to the article through the link, copy, close out the page upper right hand “x”, click on google translator link and paste into the box on the left. It will translate it for you. Or, at least I can do it that way. I hope it works for you.

December 13, 2014 (not quite six months ago)

German Unions, Churches Win Sunday Shopping Fight

From the article:

Last month, Germany’s top court ordered the state of Hesse to stop letting libraries, video stores and lottery sellers operate on Sundays.

It’s a little strange when you read the article because it doesn’t exactly sound like the people want this but the churches do. Or, am I reading it wrong?

But…..the courts are “ordering” it to be done. Interesting, huh?

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