The True Story Behind Where the Name “Sue Says” Came From


Once upon a time…..I used to work in a dentist office.

The hygienist, the happy go lucky Miss “S” and I used to talk about a lot of different subjects during our breaks.  After, she would go home and talk with her sister….the  serious Miss “T” (no relation to Mr. T) and tell her about what we had discussed that day.

I suppose it happened, that one day,  my friend Miss “S” must have said “Sue says” one too many times in recounting one of our many conversations.  Her sister,  Miss “T” annoyed at the millionth (probably an exaggeration) mention of my name, then mockingly (that is a word, right?)  said, “Sue says, Sue says, Sue says!  Well, of course I don’t really know how many times she would actually say it.  But I’m sure you get what I mean.

There are people that would be seriously offended, but, it amused me.  I thought it was terribly funny.  It would bring a smile to my face just thinking about it.  Still does.  And that’s…a simple fact. (for Robi, lol)

One fine summer day, I had been invited to  a lovely church picnic by the happy go lucky  Miss “S”.  And …..who do I see upon arriving there, but the serious Miss “T”.  Now I don’t recount the exact conversation, (actually, hardly any of it) but, I do know that I threw in the phrase “Sue says”  at one point.  I honestly couldn’t help myself.  As far as my recollection goes (what I strain to remember)…..I’m thinking either Miss “S” put me up to it, or, at the very least agreed to it.  The  serious Miss “T” was noticeably embarrassed.  But the ground didn’t open up and swallow her, nor did a whirlwind snatch her away.  Truth is, she needn’t have been embarrassed.  I smiled and laughed….she was off the hook and will forever be in my book.  No harm, no foul Miss “T”.


Disclaimer: The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty, lol).

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