The Truth: Government Policies Interfere with Job Creation


Hillary Clinton: “Businesses Don’t Create Jobs” – Why She’s Never Been More Wrong

From the article:

Narcissism in politics is nothing new, but it is absolutely disgusting and scary that this person is a hero in the minds of millions of Americans.

“Businesses don’t create jobs,” according to Hillary Clinton. Apparently she missed the entire 1990s when private businesses created over 20 million jobs during her husband’s two terms in office.

Concerning what was said about Government Programs:

Food stamps are completely unnecessary. Please show me where 1 American starved to death or a town that suffered from mass hunger in U.S. history.

(This article was written by a member of Future Money Trends staff.) While I may agree with some of the things the person who wrote this article said,  I would say that chances are they have  never  experienced real physical  hunger in their lifetime. No one would ever make a blanket statement like that if they had.

I suppose we  could ask the teacher’s who see children every day at school. Some who didn’t have any dinner last night and depend on school breakfast and lunch to get them through the day. Hunger is pretty well hidden from the average citizen. If everyone of the millions who are on food stamps were to stand in the streets you might then and only then understand. The world is a little different from outside a cubicle.

I personally know someone who went hungry when they were a child. It wasn’t their fault. And that experience effects them to this day.

Here is some info on all the resessions/depressions the U.S. has experienced over the years. Did people go hungry? I can’t imagine that some didn’t.

The History of Economic Downturns in the US

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