This “Storm” Has Been Brewing for Awhile


Rev. Graham: ‘Imagine the Outcry if 21 Muslims Had Been Beheaded by Christians? … The Storm is Coming’

 From the article:

The Islamic State beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians over the weekend, propping the severed heads on the victims’ backs, a barbaric slaughter that led Reverend Franklin Graham to ask, “Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded by Christians?”

“Where is the universal condemnation by Muslim leaders around the world?” he asked.

The Universal Condemnation by Muslim Leaders? If the Reverend Graham is expecting that….he will be waiting a long time. 


The brutal killing of the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, who had been abducted in Libya by members of the Islamic State, was videotaped and the entire death film was posted online on Sunday, Feb. 15. It is entitled, “A Message Signed With Blood, To The Nation of the Cross.”

It’s probably good to investigate a little further. So, I looked up Egyptian Coptic Christians and came across an article on Wikipedia about the leader of the Coptic Christians. Interestingly, they have (had) a pope named Pope Shenouda III.

I put up a little from Wikipedia below. It’s worth reading the entire article.

Interestingly enough this “pope” was part of the ecumenical movement. A promoter. And he knew both the Roman Catholic Pope Benedict and also Pope Paul.

From Wikipedia:

Persecution of Christianity in Egypt in his time (Pope Shenouda III’s, head of the Coptic church, from  November 14,1971 until his death on March 17, 2012)

A large number of Muslims in Egypt unambiguously consider all non-Muslim religions as heresy. Persecution against Christians during Pope Shenouda III’s reign was chiefly conducted by private individuals and organizations, especially radical Salafis, although the state continued to enforce long-standing discriminatory policies and engage in occasional Christian-baiting. Particularly in Upper Egypt, the rise in extremist Salafi groups such as the Gama’at Islamiya during the 1980s was accompanied by attacks on Copts and on Coptic churches. The police have been accused of siding with the attackers in some of these cases.

Hundreds of Christian Coptic girls have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, as well as being victims of rape and forced marriage to Muslim men.

On Sunday, 2 January 2000, 21 Coptic Christians in Kosheh village in Upper (southern) Egypt, 450 kilometers south of Cairo, were massacred by Salafists. Christian properties were also burned.  Later, a criminal court in Sohag governorate released all 89 defendants charged in the New Year’s massacre in Kosheh without bail. Pope Shenouda III rejected the verdict openly, and told reporters, “We want to challenge this ruling. We don’t accept it.” As the court sentence could not be appealed, Pope Shenouda III said: “We will appeal this sentence before God.”


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