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CDC Admits Droplets from a Sneeze Could Spread Ebola

From the article:

Ebola is a lot easier to catch than health officials have admitted — and can be contracted by contact with a doorknob contaminated by a sneeze from an infected person an hour or more before, experts told The Post Tuesday.

Wow, I was just talking about this with number “1” son tonight. It’s been my feeling from the get go that we’ve been lied to about Ebola transmission from a sneeze.


The CDC did not respond to a request for comment.

When you’ve already lied, what could the response possibly be?

I suppose what we each need to know is how to protect ourselves out in public. You can’t wait for those who are “supposedly” in charge to be forthcoming with the truth.

I believe I put this link  up before but it can’t hurt to put it up again…

SUSCEPTIBILITY TO DISINFECTANTS: Ebolavirus is susceptible to 3% acetic acid, 1% glutaraldehyde, alcohol-based products, and dilutions (1:10-1:100 for ≥10 minutes) of 5.25% household bleach (sodium hypochlorite), and calcium hypochlorite (bleach powder)  The WHO recommendations for cleaning up spills of blood or body fluids suggest flooding the area with a 1:10 dilutions of 5.25% household bleach for 10 minutes for surfaces that can tolerate stronger bleach solutions (e.g., cement, metal) Footnote 62. For surfaces that may corrode or discolour, they recommend careful cleaning to remove visible stains followed by contact with a 1:100 dilution of 5.25% household bleach for more than 10 minutes.

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