Too Close for Comfort?


Russian Bombers Fly Near U.S. on July 4th

From the article:

As Americans were celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, four Russian long-range bomber aircraft flew close enough to the US shores that they were intercepted by military fighter jets. The first set of two bombers flew near Alaska and just 30 minutes later a separate set flew far off the west coast of California.

Clever Comment:

Putin on a show.

This next comment was made to another commenter. She, “nadalotta” went back and forth with different people. I though this one comment of “justice” to  natalotta was interesting though…in and of itself.

You do realize that this country is being pushed towards all out war at a time when quite a few countries are looking for a weak spot to attack right? Obama’s justice department is enraging tensions between white and black and everyone vs the immigrants, so they can seize more power.
We’re giving Tehran ample time to make nukes by pandering in talks. We’re letting China buy not only our debt, but also our land. The Russian government has put on the table the idea of first striking California fault lines and Yellowstone (which this is a dry run for). And lets not forget that terribly inadequate north Korea, which wouldn’t be able to do much, who wouldn’t hesitate to jump on any anti-American band wagon.
Meanwhile we are pissing off our allies, and the infighting between “democrats” and “republicans” are peaking. The most horrible thing is that our government, through the news, is keeping everyone focused on unimportant things like the 3% of people who are gay can now apply as a married couple for tax purposes (even though the blacks found out it’s better to file separately). Or the whites hate the blacks because of a flag. Or gun ownership is bad for everyone but us…
I’m not saying the republicans are any better, because they aren’t (they just gave Obama the ability to set trade law, which allows him to export not only goods creation but also services). Even with all these external threats currently the worst enemy to our republic is our own government.
please wake up.

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