“Transparency”, The New Code Word for Anything but….?


I’m not a superman, Pope Francis says

From the article:

The pope, in an interview with Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper published on Wednesday, also said no institution had moved with more “transparency and responsibility” than the Church to protect children in the wake of its sexual abuse scandals.

Really? Protect the children or,  you meant to say that the church protected the priests who molested the children? Funny how the recent PBS documentary, “Secrets of the Vatican” found that the church protected the priests over the children. Time and time again.


Catholic Diocese Files for Bankruptcy Protection

The Catholic Church, has also went so far as to declare bankruptcy at one diocese in particular. Yeah, cutting a deal with the victims of abuse.

From the article:

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena planned to file for bankruptcy protection Friday as part of a proposed settlement of $15 million for hundreds of victims who say clergy members sexually abused them over decades while the church covered it up.


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