Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Passing for Black


Of late, there is nothing stranger to me than the story of Rachel Dolezal. I hate to admit this…but I find it fascinating. People in general amaze and fascinate me. I know there are…of course, more important things going on in the world. But… humor me, will you?

I guess what I really want to know deep down is “Why”? What on earth, would possess a person to do such a thing? People do things for reasons right?  Even though sometimes their “reasoning” escapes me.

Quite frankly, for Rachel it had to have always been risky business trying to pass as a person of another race. At any point it could have been discovered she was actually Caucasian. What then?

Adding to that…

There were people that knew. Her parent’s for one. Her adopted brother(s). The guy she stated was her “dad”. He never watches the news? Who else knew? How about her hairdresser. Remember the commercial for Clairol? (Yes, I’m dating myself. In other words, letting you know my approximate age.)  Only her hair dresser knows for sure.

And…there may have been people that were suspicious from the start?

I can’t imagine the cost both emotionally and financially to pull it off. I wonder if she ever heard the words, “Grrll, you could pass for a white woman”, lol. Or, like the proverbial fly on the wall…she may have “possibly” heard some really disparaging words about the white race.Then again, she promoted disparaging words.

Both black and white have had a field day with this story. I doubt that this is the end of it. What’s next…. a book or movie deal? Probably.

Now, from the beginning…

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