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Black Judge Heaps Scorn on Three-year Old Racist

From the article:

Louisville has a new hero: A black judge unafraid to stand up to the relentless white racism that is everywhere, all the time, and explains everything.

And the racist at the receiving end of Judge Olu Stevens’ courageous scorn? A three-year-old girl.

Is it reasonable that a three year old child is afraid of black men because it was black men who robbed her family at gunpoint? I think it’s absolutely reasonable.
Wouldn’t it be a strange turn of events if the Judge was robbed by these same “misguided” young men.  I wonder if he’d give them probation for their deeds then?
IMO, he is incompetent to be a judge.

The books mentioned at the end of the article:

Oops. I guess I should tell you that the link for the books are for information. You can read a bit for free. Just in case you were curious what they say.

The link is not a promotion, nor, do I earn anything from it just in case you were wondering.

‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It


Colin Flaherty is the author of the other and newer best selling book: Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.



Permission has been granted to the black community to break the law and flaunt it while doing so. My heart rate shot up 20% while reading about this racist “judge”.

My family not only fought to free the slaves in the civil war, but played a huge roll in the Underground Railroad in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mark my invoice to the blacks OVER DUE..

It’s a sad turn of events that our country instead of coming together as a nation we are more divided than ever across racial lines. Who would have thought that under a black president that it would be this way?

I personally believe though that the media stirs the pot. Is it just to sell the news? Or, is there a more devious plan?

I read that some people believe that there is an agenda. Maybe “divide and conquer”?

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