Family of Mentally Disabled Woman sues Wal-Mart, Cops

Wendy Kozma was wrapping up her workday with a client when she got a mind-numbing phone call from her mentally impaired daughter: “Mom, this man is trying to take me from Wal-Mart.”

Within minutes, she would learn what was really happening. Her 25-year-old daughter, Jodi, who has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old, was being questioned for shoplifting at a Livonia, Mich., Wal-Mart. Jodi Kozma was suspected of stealing hair ties and hiding them in her waistband and purse during a shopping trip with her grandmother, records show.

Four officer’s dispatched over possible stolen hair ties? Really?  Must have been a slow day for the police?

At what point does a person realize that they are dealing with someone who has the mental capacity of an 8 year old? Though I must admit the pictures of her  look like an average adult woman.

I think women police officer’s should be dispatched if a possible perpetrator is a woman. Or, maybe even a male and female police officer. This is bad.

They wouldn’t want me sitting on the jury.


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Posted June 17, 2014 by Sue Says in category In the News

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