Well Friends…I did it again. Ablazing Grace didn’t get posted on Wednesday. It was supposed to be. It’s up now (Nov. 9th, please scroll down to find it).

So, that I will not end up in this same position again…I scheduled the rest of the series this morning. Whew. (It takes a lot of focus to do this.) I guess I could¬† tell you when it will end? Or, maybe not? Just kidding, lol…the third Wednesday of February is the last one of this series.

My biggest problem when I’m scheduling…is listening while I’m scheduling. I get so involved in what I’m hearing it’s difficult to keep scheduling. In any case, for the rest of this series you won’t have to wonder if it will show up on Wednesdays…it will.

I hope you are having a blessed day. It’s a beautiful, chilly November day where I’m at.

Thank you for continuing to come to my site.


Posted November 10, 2016 by Sue Says in category Update

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