I hate to admit this but… when Jaime Jorge visited my local church I didn’t take the opportunity to speak with him. Now, of course, I could have kicked myself later. So in lieu of missing out on talking to him in person I wrote him. I don’t think I need to tell you that he’s a busy man, but he took the time to write me back. Nice huh?

May I suggest that should you should be able to see him in person please take the time to speak with him. He’s really a nice guy. And the things he is doing for the Lord through his ministry in music is wonderful. It’s inspiring  to me.

Now, I love to hear people talk about the Lord. Don’t you? That is why when I found this next video I knew you would like it.

I hope you are enjoying your Sabbath day.


Posted November 17, 2018 by Sue Says in category Update

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