We Still Have Rights?


Right to Be Forgotten? Not That Easy

From the article:

Eoin McKeogh knows how hard it can be to make the Internet forget.

He started waging a court battle against the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo after a Dublin cabdriver posted a video in 2011 that showed someone who looked like him — but wasn’t — bailing on his cab fare.

The gist of the problem (from the article):

Google alone handled more than 23 million requests in the last month……

They did, did they? Somehow I’m thinking Internet Provider’s must have a circular file of sorts. If you’ve never heard the term before it means the trash can. How else do you handled 23 million requests? I’m not saying the requests all went there, of course. Or, even that “they” have one.

Getting through and having the problem resolved……I bet it’s a lot like knowing how to get through those annoying automated telephone queues to get your call answered by a live person. I know how and I’m not telling you, lol.

The other part to this is that whatever in on the internet has a digital trail. I’m thinking “viral”.

It reminds me of an ad that used to say, “What Happen’s in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.


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