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Study: Babies Show Racial Bias

I can imagine another study say….when these children are five. And someone asks them, “Do you remember when you were a baby and there were white researcher’s and asian resercher’s….blah, blah, blah”.  And all the children will say they don’t remember it. What seems more likely to me, is that a Caucasian researcher reminds them more of their mother. Babies biased? Give me a break.

This reminded me of something. I remember that when I was about five, that a couple of girls who were a little older than me came over to our house and wanted to play jump rope. They were bi-racial (black/white). Yes, I remember noticing that they looked different to me. But what I remember the most is that I was thrilled that someone wanted to play with me and my sister.  The sad part of the story is that my mother sent them away saying that we couldn’t play. I was in shock. And my little five, or almost five year old heart…..was crushed.

They never came back, that I recall. If they did…..I know the answer would have been the same. It seems that I remember my mom saying something like,  the parents fought a lot? I guess she didn’t want to get involved? I remember that the father was black and the mother was white. They lived on the southwest corner of Avery and Calumet in Detroit. It must have been around 1960-61.

I hope they are well and happy.


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