What the U.S. Will Be Looking Forward To…..or NOT?


NHS nurses stretched to breaking point, says report

From the article:

“It’s clear that despite nurses working through breaks and beyond their hours, they simply do not have enough time to give patients the care and attention they need. That is distressing for patients and for the staff trying to care for them.

Just what I’m sure every patient wants, an overly tired nurse taking care of them. I’m sure the chance of being given the wrong medication will be a distinct possibility. Or, their calls go unanswered.  The solution is of course, to never get sick. Make sure you take care of yourself and avoid doctor’s and hospitals altogether. I am being sarcastic of course.

The U.S. used to be the best place on earth to be if you needed medical care.

Story in point:  My car insurance agent once told me his son’s father-in-law (who lived in Canada) had lost the vision in one eye and was also losing it in the other. Instead of waiting to be seen by the doctor in Canada and it would have been months, he came across the bridge to Michigan. The doctor in Michigan said if he had waited he would have been totally blind. The good news was that not only did he retain and improve the vision in the eye that he wasn’t blind in yet. But, he regained his vision in the blind eye.

Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for…and more. Obamacare. Obamacare is to healthcare, what the school lunch program is to the children of this nation.


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