What’s the U.N Got to Do with This?


Detroit is Starting to Shut Off People’s Water Again

From the article:

The City of Detroit began shutting off water access to residents behind on payments Tuesday, with thousands at risk of losing access.

According to the Detroit Free Press, 64,769 delinquent residential customers owe the city’s water department a combined $48.9 million.

This next part is real interesting.

Last year, the United Nations warned the city that the shutoffs were violations of residents’ human rights, and called on the city to stop them and reconnect their houses.

Human rights violations? I thought that the United States was a sovereign nation? Shouldn’t the United Naions butt out, then? Or, aren’t we sovereign?

Personally, I think if the United Nations is so worried about “human rights” maybe they can get ISIS to stop chopping peoples heads off. That would be a great “human rights” start.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Detroit will solve this problem, one way or another.


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