What’s Wrong With This Picture?


No, the people pictured aren’t Americans. Oooops.

White House asks American parents to monitor their children for signs of terrorism

(Yikes, I had drafted my comments a while back and didn’t post. Oops. Anyway, still important to know.

I was thinking maybe we should stop calling  the White House…the “White House” and just call it what it really is,…..”Spies R Us” Central.)

So, it’s not enough that the government spies on it’s citizens in every way, shape, and form but n-o-w……the government wants you to spy on your OWN children. Yeah, that’s right…..the White House wants your help. And wait….the White House also wants your school teachers, and community leader’s to help spy on your children too. Let’s see…..have they left anybody out? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Has the White House turned into the Cuckoo’s Nest? I mean REALLY now.What are they smokin’ in the House?  Figuratively speaking, of course. Cough, cough. (Oh. Sorry, I’m typing out loud.)     0

I refuse to comply. So, nope,……no can do. I won’t be spying on my neighbors either. Or, anyone else for that matter. I have a life…may I suggest?,…..they get one too.


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Posted May 5, 2014 by Sue Says in category In the News

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