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“They Just Want The Money!” The IRS Can Now Seize Accounts On Suspicion Alone

 From the article:

For almost 40 years, Carole Hinders has dished out Mexican specialties at her modest cash-only restaurant. For just as long, she deposited the earnings at a small bank branch a block away – until last year, when two tax agents knocked on her door and informed her that they had seized her checking account, almost $33,000.

The Internal Revenue Service agents did not accuse Ms. Hinders of money laundering or cheating on her taxes — in fact, she has not been charged with any crime. Instead, the money was seized solely because she had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report.

So, she didn’t want the IRS breathing down her neck, and it triggered them breathing down her neck?

You are being watched. Every second of every day. The fact that you aren’t aware of it,….. means nothing.

If you haven’t tried to open a savings account lately…they ask you questions such as where is the money coming from? I’m not kidding. If it is over $10,000, it probably wouldn’t be to your benefit to say that “Guido” gave it to you, lol. Then again if you’re dealing with a guy named “Guido” you’re probably not dealing with the banking system anyway. (I used to watch too many movies, that’s my excuse and sticking to it, lol)

Oh, and I received a personal call from the bank when I withdrew from my savings too many times in a month. By phone. Actually it was a transfer of funds. You can go “into” that bank and do it, you just can’t do it by phone beyond a certain limit The bank can close your account in that case. Amazing and for what little that I actually have in there at the moment.


I don’t watch many movies these days…..  Remember this one though….?

The Net, with Sandra Bullock.

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