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Rhode Island Woman Comes Home To Wild Turkey In Her Bathroom

From the article:

A Rhode Island woman thought a pipe burst when she returned home to find water pouring from her garage ceiling. But the culprit turned out to be an unusual houseguest that dropped in.

 A couple of weeks ago I had been cleaning out my car when I heard this strange sound. Didn’t sound like the Canada geese, or ducks that are in the area where I live.  I couldn’t place the sound I was hearing. It doesn’t help that I have over 50% hearing loss in my right ear.

It was on one of my trips out to my car that I spotted him. A wild turkey in front of my neighbors truck. I was so excited that I had to call someone. The only person that I knew was home at the time was my son, Matthew.

Glad this one wasn’t in my house though. I think I would have had a heart attack, lol.


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Posted May 4, 2015 by Sue Says in category In the News

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