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Condominium to Require DNA Samples From All Dogs

From the article:

No one likes stepping in poop.  No one!  If you do, there’s clearly something very wrong with you.

In order to crack down on dog owners who allow their dogs to “go” wherever they like and then don’t have the common courtesy to pick up their pet’s waste, one Virginia condominium complex has decided to extract DNA from all of the dogs in their building.

Hmm….so now, there is a company that will actually do a DNA test on a dog. And why? So a condominium complex can catch owner’s who won’t pick up after their dog when he or she “uses it” outside.  And other people don’t step in it. How times have changed, lol.

This reminds me my visit with my oldest son at his new apartment.

I saw a man walking a dog and he had an industrial looking glove on his hand. Actually it was probably a latex glove. The kind you wash dishes with if you want to protect your “delicate” skin. Hopefully he wasn’t using it in both capacities. Ew. I know.

Some how when I saw him pick up his dog’s waste and throw it into the dumpster it was at least as disgusting as stepping in it. It was hot off the presses if you know what I mean.

Can I see extracting doggie DNA catching on? Maybe. Actually, YES I CAN. Lol.


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