Why is Obama Importing Terrorists?


 Administration eases restrictions on asylum seekers with loose terror ties

 The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it would ease restrictions on asylum seekers with loose connections or incidental ties to terror, Fox News reports.

Personally, I don’t give a hoot how loose or, for that matter how “incidental” the connections are to terrorists,  I don’t want them in MY country.  Not unless of course, they have their own personal room at the White House.  Or, barring their own personal room maybe…….. Obama’s “girls” could share a room with them? After all, if the “asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties”  are no real threat……?  It really wouldn’t be a problem for me.  Actually, I would be happy if they were just in close proximity to the White House. You know…..”in the hood”.

Obama IS the proverbial “fox guarding the hen house”. I think, I should say know, that he is a traitor of the highest sort. He has sold his soul to the devil himself. (As many of his predecessors to him have) The truly sad part is that he is an “in your face” traitor. No matter how incredibly blatant the things are that he does, everyone sits idly by…..and says and does nothing. He should be impeached. But then, we’d have Crazy Uncle Joe to contend with.


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