Yes, It’s As Bad As It Looks


PHOTO: School Blames ‘poor lighting’ for Paltry Michelle O Lunch

From the article:

That’s not really a fish filet with a whole wheat bun resting on top.

Nah, your eyes are playing tricks on you.

That’s what administrators at Virginia’s Portsmouth Public Schools want parents to believe after a mother took a photo of her child’s paltry school lunch and posted it on social media.

Gotta love the…


Patrick Henry 

Inmates at Gitmo have better meals. Inmates in any prison USA have better meals. Does anyone need any more proof that the Obamas hate Americans?

Sue Says….I didn’t put in the comment from “Chad Olsen”. I thought what Malia and Sasha had for lunch was the important point.

Dave Steele 

Chad Olsen Spoken like a true Democrat cheerleader. Your her0 Zer0’s spouse has her fingers in what American kids eat at schools – except for her own little elitist darlings, which got the following today:April 17, 2015MS/US

Tuscan White Bean
Quinoa a la Ranchero
Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad
BBQ Chicken Sliders
Grilled Vegetables and
Herb Cheese Wraps
Lemon Sautéed Local

Corn Chips

Craig Thomas 

Truth. This “Meal” would not meet Jail and prison standards in the United States. Even decades ago when I oversaw trustees feeding their fellow inmates, I would have been fired from the sheriff’s office if they caught me allowing prisoners to eat this. How do school officials remain so blind and dedicated to the belief that this type of food program is healthy to our children? Politics? What is with this cult following of a woman’s idea of a square meal? I am very thankful my child goes to a school where meals are nutritious and served in a manner that makes it appealing. Public school! This is mental illness, abuse, and shameful.

Gary Savage 

First of all, the USDA food guidelines were implemented with faulty data…the Lipid hypothesis. We should be eating butter and animal fat, as well as eggs. We should throw out vegetable oil and margarine. Give the kids what they will EAT! Give them chicken nuggets and green beans…a wheat roll if you must…but food they will eat! I remember yearning to go back and eat in my elementary school cafeteria when I was older. We would eat ours, and want more! That was years before the state, and now the Feds, began controlling us. Abolish the dept. of education, and all will be well. bTW, I am sixty years old, and in great health after years of unapproved (and great) food!

Chish McFicken 

I’m sure Malaria and Sushi don’t have to eat this crap at Sidwell Friends School.

Michael Scott

Has Michelle ever gone to one of these schools and eaten this disgusting PC trash? Of course not. He gets chef prepared delicious meals fit for a king. Let the peasants eat cake.

Jeff Johnson 

Riddle me this. Why is “First Lady” or any other first Lady permitted to dictate a national nutrition policy? She was not elected. She holds no constitutional authority. Her position is not blessed by Senate approval. She can’t be impeached or fired. Yet Michele a staff larger than FDR’s was in 1943. She has unrestricted use of government aircraft and the attendant Secret Service, etc. to appear on a late night comedy show 2,800 miles for DC. How about using some technology and appear remotely. Can you imagine what sort of power “First Husband” Bill Clinton might try to grab.

Brent Dotson 

yeah. and power won’t be the only thing he’ll try to grab.

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