Yes, More Student’s are in College


From U.S. News and World Report:

Average Student Loan Debt Approaches $30,000

From the article:

The average amount of student loan debt again crept up for the Class of 2013, and is approaching $30,000, according to a new report from the Institute for College Access and Success.
In its ninth annual report on student loan debt, TICAS found nearly 7 in 10 graduating seniors in 2013 – 69 percent – left school with an average of $28,400 in student loan debt, an increase of 2 percent from 2012. But the amount of student debt and the likelihood of graduating with debt varied greatly between both states and colleges. Some states had average debt amounts as low as $18,656, while others topped $30,000. Between different colleges, average debt amounts ranged from $2,500 to $71,000.

So, the day a student gets out of college with degree in hand, he or she owes up to 30 grand on average.

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